Nadra b form or Birth Certificate: What are the Requirements 2021

Birth certificate or b form in Pakistan is compulsory for the admission of a child in school, you can not apply birth certificate online
Birth Certificate or B form from NADRA: Requirements

Birth certificate and b form or form b, or CRC are two different documents, you can get the birth certificate from union council or hospital. A hospital birth certificate was given to parents at the time of childbirth. On the other hand, NARDA issue b form or CRC which means Child Registration Certificate.

In this article, I am going to tell you the requirements for applying b form or CRC (Child Registration Certificate from NADRA. It’s compulsory for every child. Child Registration Certificate (CRC) is a registration document used to register minors under the age of 18 years. It is the basic right of a child to get a registration certificate from the place of origin.
Now, there is no need for childbirth certificate from the union council to apply B form/CRC, you just have to tell a name and date of birth of child to data operator.

 There are many uses of B form, some blow:

Uses of B Form / CRC:

  1. The child can take admission in school
  2. He/She can apply for a passport
  3. The child can open a bank Account

Requirements of B form:

  1. One of the parents or guardian must be present with an original or copy of CNIC.
  2. One of the parents CNIC status must be married.
  3. In the case of a guardian, the guardianship certificate from the court is required.

Note: Any blood or immediate relative (brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather, or grandmother) can become a guardian by getting guardianship certificate from court.

Some Mis-Conceptions:

  • There is a misconception in the general public that when we register marriage certificate in union counsel the status of CNIC also changed but that’s not true, you have to apply for status change in NADRA.

  • It’s a misconception that B Form is compulsory only for those children who are studying but that’s not true, it's compulsory for every born child.

Where Can I Apply for B-form / CRC?

You can apply for a B form/Child Registration Certificate (CRC) by going to the nearest NADRA Registration Center.

Following are the steps which you will be following at the NRC:

  1. You will be issued a token.
  2. Your photograph will be captured.
  3. The fingerprints and signatures will be taken.
  4. And your required data entry will be made and the form will be printed for the review itself.
  5. You will be given a printed version of your application form.
  6. Once the form is printed and delivered to you, once it has been verified by a Gazetted Officer, please submit the form to the concerned form receiving counter.

Who Can Attest?

  1. If the husband and wife with come together, the form will be attested by taking biometrics of both
  2. If one of the spouses presents, he/she can attest form from village lumberdar or Officers in Basic Pay Scale 16 or above
  3. All required documents must be attested and countersigned by the same attester as of the form

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