How to Create HD 60FPS WhatsApp Status Video

WhatsApp Status Video: In this article, you will read how you can Create and upload 60FPS HD Videos on WhatsApp Status
How to Create HD 60FPS WhatsApp Status Video

WhatsApp in WhatsApp status uses different compression techniques to resize different types of media files, like photos, music, and videos but the quality of files after uploading decrease, and the user who is watching your status mostly skip you status video.

Creating an HD 60FPS WhatsApp status video is so easy, I'm going to be also covering all the things that I know about video compression or WhatsApp, so to put a video as your status on Whatsapp and not get crushed by WhatsApp's compression, you need to follow a couple of rules.

How to Create HD 60FPS WhatsApp Status Video

These are the rules that we need to follow:

  1. Your video must be less than 30 seconds
  2. It’s always good to make it 29 seconds
  3. Your video must not exceed 16MB
  4. Save it around 15mb of approx size

After that you need:

  1. A very high-quality video file
  2. It could be 60fps or not
  3. You need an app to cut and compress the file below 16MB
The best app that I found is “Smart video compressor and resize”

Now, Select the clip to create HD 60FPS WhatsApp Status Video, tap on the button, trim your video down to 30 seconds. Like I tell earlier it's always good to make it 29 seconds video just to be safe then click cut and save them, you can select the dimension. Use current or any other higher resolutions then set compressing speed to medium, and increase the quality until the rest. When the file size is below 15Mb then taps on “Convert”. wait for a couple of minutes then you can upload this file to your status and not get affected by WhatsApp's compression.

If you want to know how you can make the smooth 60fps status videos on a computer, you either need a 60fps video or you can use a trick in adobe premiere to make your existing clip 60fps. You can technically use any video editor you like, but the tools might be different on different software.

In Adobe Premiere,

  1. Right-click on it clicks "new sequence from the clip”.
  2. Then you need to go to sequence settings then change the frame rate/Timebase to 60fps, and if you want to flip the video to fill in the whole screen just simply invert the resolution.
  3. That types the first number on to the second and the second to the first.
  4. Hit ok to select the clip in your timeline.
  5. Open the effect controls tab, if you do have this, go to window→ effect controls, in that change the rotation to 90. We did this to rotate the clip sideways.
  6. Change the time interpolation to “optical flow” by right-clicking on the clip in the timeline, which will give that smooth, 60fps feel.
  7. Then you need to either cut the video into 30 seconds or you can select a portion of the video using the work area tool then we need to export it
  8. Go to file, export media then select h.264 and then select “match source high bitrates, then come down here selector pass 2 and set the targeted bit rate to 4.5 and maximum to 6 and take a look at the file size if it isn't at or below 15 decreases the targeted bit rate value slightly until it says 15MB.
  9. Select "use maximum Render quality" then give the output file a name. Then hit export.
  10. Then copy the file onto your phone, upload it as your status or send it to a friend.

Another question you may have is how can you send videos to your friend without WhatsApp's compression,  there are two ways:

  1. You can make the video you want to send below 16MB, the length doesn't matter as long as it's below 16MB, and send it is like a normal video and WhatsApp won’t compress the video further.
  2. If it's over 16MBs and below 64MB, you can use WhatsApp web to send the video file without WhatsApp compression

Open WhatsApp web in your PC, Open one of your friend's chat, then just drag the video on to the WhatsApp web and send. There is only one limit when using this procedure that is the file size must not exceed 64MB, that’s it.

While we are on the topic of WhatsApp web, There is a method,  to put High-quality status videos without compression using WhatsApp web, so the video must be less than 30 seconds, but unlike the first method, the file size doesn't have to be below 16MB, but it should exceed 64MB, So this is how you do it, 

  1. Open WhatsApp web
  2. Send the video that you want to set as status from pc to a friend
  3. Then open WhatsApp on your phone
  4. Select the video from the chat that you have just sent from PC
  5. Hit forward and set as status

One of the downsides of this procedure is, you cannot type captions or add some text onto the video, that menu won't appear if you are using this procedure. Another method for sending video files,  or image without having to deal with WhatsApp's compression is, of course, you can always send any files via the document feature,  tap here, tap on documents,  select the video file and send,  This works on both WhatsApp web and on your phone and there is a file size limit of 64MB.

I hope you like reading the informative article about How to Create HD 60FPS WhatsApp Status Video, for more info, go to our How To Section.

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