Instagram Reels: New Features like TikTok 2020


Instagram Reels: New Features like TikTok 2020

In Instagram Reels, users will now be able to create longer videos and trim or cut them more easily. They are launching new features that are already available on TikTok.

The company hopes that this will not only help it compete with TikTok, but will also enable Instagram users who have not yet shown interest in the reels to be part of it.

Create a reel up to 30 seconds in Instagram Reels

The most important of these is the increase in the length of the feature videos.

Users will now be able to record 30 seconds of video instead of 15 in the rails so that the critters get more freedom.

Extend the timer to 10 seconds while recording

The second major change is the increase in the timer, which is now 10 seconds. This feature is very useful for making short clips by self.

Trim and delete any clip in Instagram Reels

Similarly, users can cut or delete a clip from a video, which will go a long way in improving a video.

But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

However, as a result of uncertainty over the future of TikTok in the United States, the company expects Chinese app users to turn to Reels.

Tessa Lyons Liang, Rails' product director, said the changes were demanded by consumers and were made in response.

"We'll keep improving the rails based on people's feedback, and these updates will make it easier to create and edit videos," he said.

It is believed that Instagram had introduced TikTok copies around the world last month.

YouTube Shorts and Pinterest

YouTube had made a similar addition in the form of shorts. This feature of YouTube is very helpful for YouTubers. You can also monetize your short clips.

Pinterest is also working on similar tool story pins.

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