Whatsapp Web new features update Call and Video Call


Whatsapp Web new features update Call and Video Call

WhatsApp Web Video Call Feature: Facebook-owned company has launched a call feature for some WhatsApp beta testers, according to a report by Wabitenfo.

WhatsApp Web, the most popular instant messaging website, has decided to make a number of important changes in 2021. Although many of these changes were expected this year, some changes were delayed in 2020. The reason behind that is the global crisis caused by the Corona epidemic.

WhatsApp Web Calls and Video Calls

WhatsApp has planned many changes, but the most important change is that WhatsApp will also provide call and video calls on the web. Speaking to the news agency in this regard, the WhatsApp spokesperson had announced that next year WhatsApp will introduce this service and after the introduction of this service, WhatsApp video calling app Zoom and Google Mate may collide.

More than one Video and Image Pasting

Another important change is that after the beta iOS update, more than one video and image can be pasted in the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web Privacy Policy

WhatsApp's privacy requirements are also being changed next year. WhatsApp privacy terms are expected to change by February. No clear changes have been announced yet, but all users will need to agree to these terms.

Multiple Devices, Single Account

WhatsApp is also planning to use multiple devices from a single account next year. According to technology experts, many rapid changes are expected in the sector next year due to the increasing importance and need for distance communication, video calling, etc. after the Corona epidemic.

The WhatsApp web call feature is expected to be rolled out to everyone soon. If you can't wait for this feature, then you can use Messenger Rooms for video calling with WhatsApp friends. For this, you do not need to log in to your Facebook account and open Messenger Rooms.

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