Webtalk Hosting and how does webtalk make money


Webtalk Hosting and how does webtalk make money

Top talent and companies use Webtalk hosting to showcase, connect and collaborate. 

WebTalk hosting  is a large data software company focused on relationship-based data mining, storage and search technology to empower next-generation communications and business utilities. Using the pending data labeling process in the patent, WebTalk hosting has helped improve online relationships through a user experience unparalleled in the industry. Create an entirely new product class for seamless communication, communication and content management.

Name: Webtalk

Owner: RJ Garbowicz

Website: https://www.webtalk.co/

Business Type: Social Network – have some semblance of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and The Marketplace. Also, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Price: Free for now. Premium options available.

Commissions: $1 per direct referral, $1 per your referral signups (up to 5 levels) – only for premium members, free members get only 1st level

Minimum Payout:  $100

What is WebTalk Goal

The company will rapidly advance into the online commerce industry using relationship-based, patent pending, search technology as a differentiator, and Web Talk's proprietary affiliate software as a driver.


The ultimate goal is to create a first relationship market for services and products that will become the destination for online business.

Bright Side of Webtalk hosting

  • Free to join
  • Capable of segment network; For example, friends, family, professional contacts
  • Introduce your professional data, business, products and services
  • Be part of the 1st million members referral program and you get paid for life
  • Become part of a referral program of webtal hosting to be the first 1 million members and you will be paid for life
  • 5 Levels Deep Commissions – $1 for all referrals with 5 Levels of Referrals.
  • Affiliate credit for each piece of content

Dark Side of Webtalk hosting

  • Webtalk hosting is not suitable for people who only want to use social media for social purposes
  • Free account – Limited to 50 contacts
  • The beta is still in the stage - therefore, you will not be paid until they have a beta and reach 1 million members
  • Paid subscription options

What is WebTalk All About?

Just like Facebook, it's a social network where you can share photos, files, posts and more. And you can share them with your friends, family, business associates, users, and anyone else in the network.

Just like LinkedIn, you can connect with business, peers, professional contacts and share photos, files, posts and more with them. Like LinkedIn, you can try to get people and business people to work with or promote your product and service.


WebTalk a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Business?

Yes, it is WebTalk hosting is an MLM business. There are people who have made a lot of money doing MLM. But these are usually the first groups of people to join. And they are usually advanced.

Many people have wasted money and time doing MLM. It is horrible to see so many false hopes that they are defeated only after years of efforts.

Who is RJ Garbowicz?

RJ Garbowicz is the founder, CEO and chairman of WebTalk, which he founded in 2011. He guides the design and development of web talk products and services. RJ is a serial entrepreneur who started four previous tech companies, two of which went out.

What I found interesting about him was that he was the founder of another social network and called MLM YourNight. It failed in less than twelve months.

Although I've never encountered YourNight, I seriously wonder if RJ has learned anything from this past failure. If he did, would he improve web talk? Will he make it a success?


How to join Webtalk?

There are there types of method to join webtalk hosting.

Webtalk Free Account

As above i told you webtalk hosting is free to use, in free version you will get 5k max connection, 50 CRM contact and ad supported.

WebTalk Pro

In pro membership you will get 10k max connection, 500 CRM contact with no ads.

WebTalk PRO Platinum

In pro platinum membership you will get unlimited connection, unlimited CRM contact with no ads.

To join use this link WebTalk.

for more visit HowTo


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